As parents you are vital partners in the work we do. We know you will work with us to make a successful collaboration between you, your child and us in the years to come. It is believed that when parents and school work together, children flourish.

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Presidency Juniors recognizes the fact that every child is a genius and we should appreciate them for who they are rather than pushing them for what we want them to become. That's why we here at Presidency we customize learning based on kids strengths, needs and skill level to keep them happily engaged.


Skill Based Curriclum

The purpose of learning in the foundation years is to develop mastery in crucial skills such as reading, logic, concentration and perseverance. We focus on 5 skill areas that encompass all of a child's development.


Immersive classroom

Our classrooms are structured according to the fundamental skills. Every skill-based classroom is designed as an immersive environment, where everything a child sees, hears or plays with, is geared towards developing the skill.


Presidency App

Teachers observe and talk about every child's activities to create a personalised learning program. Presidency App also lets you (parents) watch the preschool learning moments of your child and recommends strategies and activities to further your child's learning at home.

Programs (Nursery) Age 3 years - 4 years

At Presidency Juniors - Nursery class, kids experience an explosion of language, along with dramatic advancement in fine and gross motor control, problem-solving ability, independence, and social interaction. They may begin to read two words and can make interesting mathematical patterns.

In Nursery School, children develop the following skills:

  • Pre math and logic-based skills like identifying patterns, sequencing, size, and quantity
  • Language skills through writing and reading whole words
  • Early reading skills as they are encouraged to become independent readers.

Programs (KG) Age 4 years - 6 years

Through our skill-based curriculum and personalized mode of learning, children analyse knowledge and discover new things independently. In Junior KG and Senior KG, our program also recognizes that children will soon be entering grade 1. Hence, it is vital that we equip them with the resources, both academic and non-academic, needed to succeed in school. By the end of pre-primary years, children will be able to draw and write their own stories, perform basic maths operations and communicate confidently in front of the class.

In Nursery School, children develop the following skills:

  • Writing skills through emergent literacy.
  • Advanced language and reading skills through storytelling.
  • Advanced math skills with concepts such as bar graphs and word problems.
  • Public speaking skills through pretend and role play and various opportunities such as hosting the class and annual function.

Amenities & Facilities

The Presidency School, founded in 2004, is managed by Mahavir Foundation. Mr. Mahavir Jain is the founder member and the Chairman,
while Mr. Nishant Kaushik is the Director of this esteemed institution.

The sprawling 6 acre campus of Presidency School strikes a balance in its academic, co-curricular and ancillary sections.

Academic Sections

Smart Classroom

Computer & Science Lab



Co- Curricular Section

Football Ground

Basketball Court

Games Room

Music and Dance Rooms

Administrative Unit



Transport arrangement for the students are met through school buses that operate from Bhiwandi, Kalyan, Thane and Vasind areas.


Counseling Cell

The Counseling team at Presidency School works with students, parents and teachers to create a strong support system for the children.


Mess Facility

The food provided to the students is high-quality, pure veg and is well-planned and well-balanced nutritious meal.


Medical Aid

The school conducts annual health check ups for all the students. Medical help can be availed by the students in the school hours.