As parents you are vital partners in the work we do. We know you will work with us to make a successful collaboration between you, your child and us in the years to come. It is believed that when parents and school work together, children flourish.

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Presidency Juniors
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Presidency School
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Presidency Indo Intl. School
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Presidency is a ICSE Board and CAIE Board co-educational school, offering Day Scholastic programs. It has been established to nurture and cultivate the dreams of children and make them all rounders. The school has been constructed on a sprawling 6 acre campus with splendid infra structural facilities in a tranquil environment.

The entire gamut of activities in Presidency reflects its objectives of nurturing young children and making them responsible adults who can make a positive contribution to the world. A comprehensive academic and co-curricular program, experienced faculty, personal attention and care. The state - of - the art infrastructure collectively ensure that the education is holistic and truly international.

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Director's Message

Presidency is a great school for a bright future of your ward. To ensure this, we provide every student an access to world-class infrastructure, an innovative and integrated curriculum that promotes the all round development of the child.

A sincere attempt has been made by us within the limited scope of few pages of the brochure to furnish you with as much information as possible, keeping in mind the academic entity to enable you to take one of the most sensitive decisions, “the where, how and what” of the academic career of your child, which will impact nothing less than the destiny of an unknown future.

We believe that every child is special and unique. We appreciate and build their strengths and work on their weakness by teaching them skills to help overcome them. Your child is incredibly precious and we understand how important it is that they develop academically, socially and personally. We prepare them for challenges of the changing world through the encouragement of self-discipline, high intellectual achievements and physical fitness as they grow up, rooted in our core values and graduate to take on the changing world’s challenging demands, as they pursue higher studies through top universities in India and worldwide.

Presidency is a place where learning is a joy; teaching is a pleasure, a place that makes learning meaningful and progressive. We look forward to working alongside you and ensuring your child develops important life skills such as punctuality, respect and self discipline. When school and parents work together, children flourish.

Principal's Message

Greetings and good wishes, we at Presidency are looking forward to a fun filled, challenging year ahead. A positive transition in an enjoyable environment is what we intend to provide students with at Presidency. In addition, appreciation and acceptance lies at the heart of our work, we believe that every child is unqiue and important. Through competitive and innovative teaching approaches, we set goals for students that are par excellence. Our aim is to groom students with quality education and build world class citizens, inspired by genuine values and morale. We hold a wide range of co-curricular activities to cultivate an attitude for healthy being.

Education is all about imparting knowledge and developing skills that serve the needs of a child. The school takes pride in providing the students with a platform to showcase their potentials and in an unique way chisels them to perfection. The curriculum taken up by the school is a challenge in adapting and to catering varied interest of an individual. It provides them with an environment that is abreast with the latest tools and techniques, used in modern educational thought and practice. Even as the student yields the benefit of the internationally respected cross discipline, the teachers instil in students high esteem for our own tradition and culture. Along with a profile we can be proud of the infrastructure that suit our talented students; thus making learning blissful, enjoyable and a lasting experience. With quality and innovation we aspire to overcome all limitations. Presidency, thus prepares its pupils with a distinctive impact to move forward with pride and confidence into the future.

Dr. Dean Michael Rodrigues

Juniors School

ICSE School

IGCSE School

Our core values

High Achievement for All


The school is dedicated to teaching students to be involved, active learners who work hard, think critically, creatively and communicate effectively. We emphasize high expectations for all students, and support them to reach their full potential in all aspects of achievement, especially in academics, arts, sports, social skills and civic participation, all of which prepare students for success in their lives after high school.

Excellence in Teaching


Passionate, knowledgeable, skilful teachers are the core strength of our school system. We expect our faculty staff to provide a dynamic and rewarding learning experience for all students. Excellent teaching begins with strong relationships between faculty and students and is nurtured by the understanding among colleagues. We are committed to supporting a professional community that creates and sustains an atmosphere of intellectual excitement, innovative instruction and personal growth.



As parents you are vital partners in the work we do. We know you will work with us to make a successful collaboration between you, your child and us in the years to come. It is believed that when parents and school work together, children flourish, acheive a great height in many field of endeavours.

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Choosing the right school for your child is arguably amongst the most crucial decisions that you will make.

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Presidency is a school brimming with educators who are life long learner’s, intelligent skilled and fascinating.

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After School Activities


Presidency Sports Academy has specialised trainers to train students in specific sports and activities.

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